Why is the Ridgway Method (RM) so different?

"We specialise in SOLVING Pain and Injury"

  1. It's all about Your Results
  2. You receive Thorough, Holistic Care
1. It's all about your Results

Your results are the purpose of RM.

The bigger, the faster, the longer lasting the results achieved, the better.

RM practitioners don't continue treatment without results, or they help you find the practitioner that will. 

RM value is in your results.

2. You receive Thorough, Holistic Care

You receive a unique, advanced assessment process that evaluates all the possible contributing factors to your condition.

Without this process you may have some important factors missed.

We know that your condition influences, and is influenced by many factors throughout your life.

The fastest and most complete way to solve your condition is to immediately change and fix all the significant factors.

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RM is tailored care to each individual condition -  helping people who are motivated for Rapid and Long Lasting Results.

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Research Volunteers Needed

Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners lead the way to most effective results with pain and injury conditions – we have demonstrated the effectiveness in practice and are also researching our outcomes for publication.

If you would like to volunteer for this thorough problem solving process (no cost) with a Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner, to get to the bottom of your condition during the next research project, please contact us.



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