RM Admin Training


RM Admin Training

Training for admin team to effectively implement RM Systems for:

  • Fee structure
  • Service structure
  • & Client management

With maximal satisfaction for clients, practitioners and owners.






RM Admin Training Topics

  • Non-Attendance policy
  • New booking & re-booking systems
  • New client communication
  • Tracking KPIs
  • Fee structure
  • Admin roles | in-house vs service-contractors
  • Physio pays

Total training time = 12 hours | Over a maximum of 6 Months

All topics are tailored to cater for individual businesses and admin teams... with systems that are repeatable for any future admin employees.

The rate of progression through the topics is up to you!

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About The Trainer

Sharon Murray is one of the owners at Baroona Physiotherapy, and the Practice Manager.

Sharon and her admin team run a business that satisfies clients who pay between $200-$800 p/h for their physiotherapy care.  They achieve this with an understanding for why the RM systems work and why they are so important for best possible clinical care possible for each client.

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Content & Location

RM Admin Training content includes:

  • Individually tailored mentoring, strategies and homework
  • Written summaries to admin team and owners
  • Spreadsheets
  • Accountability strategies

*Note: Owners are welcome, and encouraged, to attend the training sessions.


Training is delivered via videoconferencing and e-mail support

  • Only a internet connected device is required
  • No special software is needed

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See The Business Success

Sharon and the Baroona Physio Admin Team have been integral for building business:

  • A team of 4 practitioners Grossing up to $1.2M per year
  • With the practitioners working 20-30 contact hours with clients
  • They achieve this by being part of the team to build the business - including Sharon being a part owner.


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