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Why RM?

  • Because we used to practice with a mainstream clinical and business model...
    And life is so much better now, for clients, practitioners, admin team, and client-supporters...
    So much better that we would never want to go back to practicing the mainstream way again...
  • “I trained as a physio, but the results weren't satisfying enough… I had to be more honest with myself, try a lot of different approaches, and now I use a problem-solving approach which eliminates pain in 3-14 days, and sustained for the long-term, for the majority of sports and musculoskeletal pain and injuries” - Michael Ridgway

Introduction to RM:


Why Practitioners Practice RM:

Video Summary:
  • Greg Diamond (Perth): "I was tired... Even considering walking away from the profession... I became immediately excited because it [RM] was appealing to the things I felt like I needed in my professional and business life... I am re-energised about my profession..."
  • Jono Harris (Melbourne):  "The thing that got me so excited was the results... I was blowing away on the Monday when I got back to work and I realized it was so easy to do... My life is a lot better and I've got the energy to give 100% to each person..."
  • Chelsea Johnson (England): "After a couple of weeks [new graduate] of work I was already pretty disheartened by physio... I just feel so much more confident in what I am doing... and using the RM method you can actually see results and I'm really excited to be a physio..."
  • Amanda Baker RMCP (New Zealand): "It's an awesome, logical approach to assessing patients and for finding out what is the best treatment for them... and seems to be very helpful at empowering the patients..."
  • Graham Nelson RMCP (Melbourne): "I've been getting vast improvements from treating areas that I wouldn't have picked up before... I feel a lot more confident... If you are really focused on getting results and doing less for more... this approach positions us as real leaders in musculoskeletal health..."
  • Kathryn Anderson (Perth): "Extra confidence as a clinician... you follow the process, you see what comes out of it, if you get a great result then that's fantastic, if you don't you know that quite quickly and you can be open and honest with the patient..."

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Greg Aleckson Keynote Speech | RM Conference 2015

Why do it this way?... to gain autonomy and freedom from control by third-party payers


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