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Why RM?

  • Because we used to practice with a mainstream clinical and business model...
    And life is so much better now, for clients, practitioners, admin team, and client-supporters...
    So much better that we would never want to go back to practicing the mainstream way again...
  • “I trained as a physio, but it wasn’t satisfying enough so I now do it differently… I had to try a lot of different approaches to figure out what really works” - Michael Ridgway

Why Michael Ridgway Created RM:

Video Summary:

  • Dan Johnson RMCP: "Michael was continually dissatisfied with the outcomes he was achieving for both himself and for his clients through mainstream physiotherapy approaches
  • He tried to better understand and continually challenge traditional methods...
  • In doing so he came to understand that many of the solutions he was looking for already existed in ethical business principles and mainstream physiotherapy science...
  •  However, there were many dots that were still unconnected... So he looked for the links... He was able to create something new from what already existed that works better and produces results more consistently..."
  • Michael Ridgway RMCE: "Who wants to retire at the end of their professional life and look back and have absolutely no regrets?  Hands up...
  • It certainly shocked me, and surprised me, that back in the early 2000s that I had to face reality, and I looked at the way I was operating and I looked at my future and I realized that I was going to have a similar [regretful] life that my father's colleagues spoke about...
  •  I realized I needed to do something very different for both my clinical approach and my business model... To create a better family life and health for my clients also...

Why Practitioners Practice RM:

Video Summary:
  • Greg Diamond (Perth): "I was tired... Even considering walking away from the profession... I became immediately excited because it [RM] was appealing to the things I felt like I needed in my professional and business life... I am re-energised about my profession..."
  • Jono Harris (Melbourne):  "The thing that got me so excited was the results... I was blowing away on the Monday when I got back to work and I realized it was so easy to do... My life is a lot better and I've got the energy to give 100% to each person..."
  • Chelsea Johnson (England): "After a couple of weeks [new graduate] of work I was already pretty disheartened by physio... I just feel so much more confident in what I am doing... and using the RM method you can actually see results and I'm really excited to be a physio..."
  • Amanda Baker RMCP (New Zealand): "It's an awesome, logical approach to assessing patients and for finding out what is the best treatment for them... and seems to be very helpful at empowering the patients..."
  • Graham Nelson RMCP (Melbourne): "I've been getting vast improvements from treating areas that I wouldn't have picked up before... I feel a lot more confident... If you are really focused on getting results and doing less for more... this approach positions us as real leaders in musculoskeletal health..."
  • Kathryn Anderson (Perth): "Extra confidence as a clinician... you follow the process, you see what comes out of it, if you get a great result then that's fantastic, if you don't you know that quite quickly and you can be open and honest with the patient..."

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Greg Aleckson Keynote Speech | RM Conference 2015

Why do it this way?... to gain autonomy and freedom from control by third party payers?


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