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RM Tune Ups + Exercise Progression

Why Would You Want RM Tune Ups and Exercise Progression?

  • Because keeping conditions tuned up and empowering clients for prevention and performance enhancement is the ultimate way to keep our communities in best health...

How are RM Tune Ups and Exercise Progression applied?

  1. We start with re-testing of significant dysfunctions to see how much of the improvements have, or haven't, held since the previous session... 
  2. We continued treatment of the PCF [a top-up] to optimise function...
  3. Then, we progress exercises and postural strategies to enhance performance...
  4. And, we ensure optimal self-testing to help clients understand and monitor ongoing progress 
See an example with this case:

Video summary:                                                                            Note: Individual results vary

  • With debilitating low back pain and pathology on scans James's specialist said he would never row again
  • After completing RM Process a C3 Glide was established as the PCF... achieved pain-free full function... and won age-group Head Of The River that season
  • RM Tune Ups and Exercise Progression continued... a session at 16-months is summarised...
  • James went on to gain selection into the 1st VII of his rowing college... and won Opens Head Of The River... a once-in-a-life-time achievement

What do RM Tune Ups and Exercise Progression change in clients and practitioners lives?

  • RM is based on measures of progress... this allows us to monitor each condition (without any symptoms present) to know what shape each condition is in...
  • And we can top this up prior to any recurrence...
  • And even better, we can increase performance at the same time by decreasing the inhibiting accumulation of strain and by progressing exercises...
  • This achieves our goals of life balance, highest possible performance, and maximum enthusiasm for life achievements...
  • Plus, this saves costs overall as regular tune ups require less time overall compared with waiting for a recurrence, or waiting for a new pain, and then needing more time to get this solved... not to mention the time out of productive life this involves.... we don't want that for anyone

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