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RM Provider & Educator... with RM Certification

Why participate in RM Certification Training to become an RM Provider and RM Educator?

  • Because practitioners, their clients, their team, their network-contacts love to live the life that is achieved with mastering RM

How to become an RM Provider and Educator?

  • Register for 1st year of RM Certification training here »
  • Learn the content (1-5 below) of RM clinical and business systems... including the categories in the RM Training image below... 
  • Complete a competency viva demonstrating proficiency with the RM Process... and earn the title Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner (RMCP)
  • Participate in ongoing mentoring, hands-on, and online modules... support to allow each practitioner to implement in a way that suits them and their business best
  • Progress to demonstrating competency with teaching RM and achieve the title of Ridgway Method Certified Educator (RMCE)
  • Only RMCP & RMCE practitioners are permitted to use the 'Ridgway Method' name to promote their services... under a licensing agreement  

RMCPs can promote, and are promoted, as 'Providers' of RM

RMCEs can promote, and are promoted, as providers & 'Educators' of RM

RM Certification Training.... How is it done?

  1. Individual Mentoring sessions with Michael Ridgway | Topics are tailored with participant's priorities from RM Clinical and Business systems
  2. Small Group Mentoring Sessions with Michael Ridgway |  Topics are priority RM Clinical and Business systems
  3. RMCP Group Mentoring Sessions with Michael Ridgway facilitating | All RMCPs attend for bigger-picture mentoring and peer support
  4. Observations of RM in practice at RMCP locations 
  5. Individual e-mail support and group private forum support 

What are the outcomes with RM Certification?

RMCPs are replicating the success below... Michael Ridgway explains what that means to him:

  • I live a better life than I could have dreamed possible, both professionally and personally
  • I really have the freedom to choose what work I do, and when I do it
  • I have not been involved with the daily running of the business for >4 years
  • I have <10 contact hours per week... and I love the clinical & teaching work the way I do it
  • I consistently fix clients rapidly... often after multiple highly reputable physiotherapists couldn't
  • I have a lot of time for my family... for example, I look after my young children ~40 hours per week and I take 8 weeks holiday per year
  • I am free to make choices the best work life and personal life, without financial constraints
  • I earn 4x what I earned when I was a mainstream physiotherapist
  • I have an extremely strong sense of accomplishment that makes all the hard work with the changes all worthwhile


See an example of outcomes with RM Certification with the graphs and video below:

Video summary:                                                                             Note: Individual results vary

  • Aaron Wilson RMCP... "I will be presenting the transformations we have made... with implementing RM Systems
  • Within 18-months we have more than doubled our team... 100% increase in business income... with only 33% increase in client sessions
  • I now see clients for 22-hours a week on average... which gives me time to work on the business, mentoring the junior staff, and increase professional development
  • ... We are able to produce better outcomes and more consistent results for our clients... have greater consistency between therapists...
  • Created workplace conditions that help attract and retain like-minded staff... 
  • Making these [RM Certification] changes has dramatically improve their worklife balance and has helped us to create a working environment where we all look further forward to coming to work each day..."

Practitioners who implement RM Systems over time [x-axis] achieve unparalleled success represented by the y-axis:



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