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...WHY Do It This Way?





What Delegates had to say about previous RM Conferences:

  • "Best tools available for clinical outcomes and business outcomes"... Nicole - VIC
  • "Best results with best practice"... Anne - QLD
  • "Great knowledge, unbelievable strategies, and concepts"... Zach - QLD
  • "The information is groundbreaking, so happy to rub shoulders with like-minded physios that drive for excellence"... Rick - QLD

The launch of the new understanding about RM will happen at this conference

  1. Making it easier for RMers to practice more of RM, more consistently
  2. Allowing physiotherapists new RM to apply the systems more easily

Who is this conference relevant for?

  • Anyone who has done RM in the past, because you haven’t done it this way
  • Including RMCPs
  • New physios to RM
  • Because we can all transform ourselves to a higher level doing it this way

Your investment price for 4 days ONLY $1285... 

  1. Presentations + Workshops + Practical Sessions with content you can use immediately to achieve better results for clients, and better life for you and your team
  2. 3 Days registration + 1-Day Pre-Conference Course
  3. Delegates social event
  • FREE Bonus worth $295... Earybords receive immediate access to all 31 videocast presentations of the 2015 & 2017 RM Conference

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  • Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, Podiatrists, etc. are all welcome to attend
  • 17 May is the RM Movement Re-Education 1-Day Pre-Conference Course... learn more » 

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Examples of RM Conference 2015 Presentations:  


WHY Do It This Way?... FREE Samples from 2015 RM Conference

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Delegate treatment sessions:


How good will you feel when you solve hamstring tendonopathies like this... after other practitioners could not solve the condition... see video below


Tom Anthoney shares his outcomes with fee increases:


Find out how this practice achieved this:


To learn how see the video:


WHY Do It This Way?.. Breakout Sessions | Workshops examples from the 2015 RM Conference

Neural Dynamic Tests & Treatment (NDT) | Workshop

  • Learn RM NDTesting & Treatment
  • See how rapidly NDT can be fixed
  • Learn the Neurophysiological theory

The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate the accuracy and results with RM NDT.

Administration Team | Workshop

  • See how and why a practice manager owns shares in the business
  • Learn details of RM Admin-teams supporting practitioners for building business
  • Experience practitioner-team supporting admin-team for improved outcomes 

The aim of this workshop is for delegates to take away strategies that help the administration team improve clinical outcomes and build business.

Yes, practice managers, receptionists, customer service employees are encouraged to attend this conference for these reasons.

Client Management Systems | Workshop

  • Learn RM Client Management Systems for improved outcomes
  • Experience examples of RM Client Management
  • Key communication aspects for increasing client satisfaction

The aim of this workshop is for delegates to take away strategies for immediately increasing clinical success and build business.

Successful Business Mindset | Workshop

  • Mindset changes for greater clinical and business success
  • Key principles for greater success in physiotherapy
  • Strategies to overcome business barriers and the outcomes that occur

The aim of this workshop is for delegates to take away strategies for overcoming barriers and become free to make more progressive changes.

WHY Do It This Way?... Schedule 

  • REMEMBER - business dress (collar & button shirt) for all RM Courses and the RM Conference

Pre-conference Course | RM Movement Re-Education Course








  • Simplifying RM Movement Re-Education  | Why practitioners and clients want to do it this way
  • What is RM Movement Re-Education?... and why does it work so well?


Morning Tea


  • Cont. Practical Session | RM Movement Re-Education      


  • Practical sessions | RM Movement Re-Education continued
  • Progressions of RM Movement Re-Education
  • What to expect with clients | Case studies


Afternoon Tea


  • Treating each other for immediate results [willing participants only]
  • Summary | Action Plans





Schedule example from the 2017 RM Conference

Day 1






  • Plenary Session | Opening Address
  • Keynote Speech | Greg Aleckson | Developer of The Sustainable Profit Strategy


 Morning Tea | Sponsored by Athlete's Secret Weapon


  • Plenary Session | 6x WHY do it this way Presentations | Clinical focus + Q&A
  • Guest Speaker | "How RM Contributed To My Success"


Lunch | Sponsored by Axel IT


  • Break Out Session | Preparation for Multiple Live Client Treatments by RMCPs


Afternoon Tea | Sponsored by Viden Accountants




  • Breakout Session Workshops | RM Techniques & Skills Training
  • Keynote Speech | Cameron Kennedy | International Rowing Coach 
  • Plenary Session | Why New RM Training?
  • Plenary Session | Summary of Day 1
  • Social Event | New Connections + Complimentary Drink


End Day 1



Day 2



  • Plenary Session | Keynote Speech | Michael Ridgway | NEW RM Process


Morning Tea | Sponsored by Reactivate Function


  • Plenary Session | 6x WHY do it this way Presentations | Clinical focus + Q&A


Lunch | Sponsored by Kafrouni Lawers


  • Breakout Session | Multiple Live Client Treatments by RMCPs


Afternoon Tea | Sponsored by Greg Aleckson Strategy Advisor


  • Plenary Session | Michael Ridgway | A New Understanding About Pain
  • Plenary Session | Summary of Day 1&2
  • Cocktail Social Event | Drinks & H'ordeuvres | Theme = Personal Passions



End Day 2



Day 3



  • Plenary Session | Keynote Speech | John Hsieh DPT, MS, DC, CA  
  • Plenary Session | 3x WHY do it this way Presentations | Clinical focus + Q&A


Morning Tea | Sponsored by Excite Media


  • Breakout Session Workshops | RM Techniques & Skills Training


Lunch | Sponsored by Baroona Physio


  • Action Plan... Your Future
  • Summary of Day 1,2&3 | Awards | Closing address


Conference Close


WHY Do It This Way?... Keynote Speakers from the 2019 conference 

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John Hsieh | DPT, MS, DC, CA

John Hsieh is a multi-award winning researcher, with over 50 publications, and one of the most highly sought after physiotherapist, chiropractor and acupuncturist in Las Angeles, California. 

John completed RM Training in 2014 and has written journal articles on RM which are awaiting publication.

John will share his unique perspective via videoconference on RM and 'Why do it this way?'




        1994         Scientific Research Award, FCER, Palm Spring
        1991         Best Research Award, World Chiropractic Congress, Toronto, Canada
        1990         Peter Bammarito Award as A Research Resident, FCER
        1987         Mindlin Research Scholarship, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
        1980         Max M. Jones Book Scholarship, University of Southern California
        1977         Student Achievement Award, National Taiwan University



Cameron Kennedy | Head Rowing Coach at University of Bristol

Cameron Kennedy is an experienced and successful rowing coach at all levels up to National representation, having worked extensively with all stakeholders in rowing community including rowers, parents, school administrators, club coaches, and administrators, national and institute coaches, health care providers and selectors to ensure the optimal development pathways and performances for elite-level and club-level athletes.

Cameron is experience in Australian club and school competitions as well as British and European Universities competitions. Have been closely involved in the Australian National athlete development process (2009 -­‐ 2011) as well as leading the development of a successful Secondary School program, a successful Club rowing program in Brisbane, and University program in the UK.

Cameron will illuminate delegates on how RM practitioners help Contacts help our clients better, having worked extensively with RM practitioners since 2004.  He will share his insight via videoconference and reaffirm 'Why do it this way?' 




Greg Aleckson | Developer of The Sustainable Profit Strategy

Greg Aleckson is a qualified Accountant and former CFO of Lorna Jane. Over the last 10 years, he has completed a number of appointments as a Contract General Manager of Small to Medium Entities (SME’s), specializing in business recoveries and turnarounds while also Mentoring SME’s on process improvement and business strategy.

After a long and successful career working in and with SME’s, Greg developed the Sustainable Profit Strategy, a simple step-by-step process to assist SME’s grow profitably while reducing dependence on the business owner through a unique system of simplification. He now advises businesses around Australia on Strategy, helping them to implement the Sustainable Profit Strategy to thrive through simplification.

He is also a keynote speaker on the topic of business strategy and is currently in the process of completing his first book;
“Got a Business? Get a Life!...a simple strategy for working less and earning more”.




Michael Ridgway | Founder, Ridgway Institute International

I have done it... they have done it... YOU can do it!

"In 2004 I faced my situation in private practice and my future in physiotherapy and it looked very bleak.  I wanted to do something to turn my life around for my benefit, for clients' benefit, and for the benefit of the profession.  It has worked better than I could have dreamed.  I measure my success in those that are replicating the progress I have made; Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners and RM Practitioners."

Michael's successes in the previous 9 years:

  • APA Professional Excellence Award for contribution to Promotion of the profession 2007
  • The developer of a revolutionary clinical problem-solving process
  • Quadrupled Personal income with <75% reduction in contact-hours
  • Employees that earn up to double of comparative practices
  • 600% business valuation of the purchase price
  • 108% Return On Investment annually
  • All with a similar sized team, in one location

Michael's Vision for the future:

  • To reverse the trend of increasing musculoskeletal healthcare costs per person per year, and lower the musculoskeletal healthcare costs per person per year



WHY Do It This Way?... Live-Clients 

Caitlin's Whole Body Re-Assessment was important to show the effectiveness
of a T9 Joint Release for fixed Caitlin's Hamstring Tendonopathy

Jessica Hubbard RMCE | Whole Body Assessment

Doug Jones RMCP | Fiona - Neck Pain  Amanda Baker RMCP | Kanny - Low Back and Leg Pain 

Graham Nelson RMCP | Fixing a painful elbow condition with a hamstring muscle release

Michael Ridgway RMCE | Whole Body Assessment and RM Process 

Sciatic Nerve Irritation | Assessment & Treatment... Immediate results RM Training | Participants show their results
  1. The only conference that has presenters assess and treat clients from beginning to end - while involving delegates
  2. See the immediate and dramatic improvements for yourself
  3. Early registrants are offered to receive treatment, by volunteering to be a live-client, at the conference

WHY Do It This Way?... Evidence Revealed

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Jessica Hubbard RMCE | RM Pilot Exploratory Study

Dan Johnson RMCP | Statistics that may surprise

WHY Do It This Way?... Location

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Gold Coast


Vibe Hotel

42 Ferny Ave,

Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

(07) 5539 0444






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