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Ridgway Institute International provides training in Ridgway Methodtools and systems for sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist-owners... providing consistently better business and clinical results to create an unmatched lifestyle for physiotherapists, clients, supporters, and administration.

"This Institute is necessary because my primary values have always revolved around family, exercise and healthy activity.  I realised that what I was doing with a traditional physiotherapy business and clinical approach was not delivering this – not allowing quality time for my family and not allowing quality time for my own priorities with exercise and healthy activity – and it did not provide this for my team or our clients.

I was someone who was continually dissatisfied with the business and clinical outcomes I was achieving for myself, my team and my clients through the traditional physiotherapy approach. So I tried to better understand and continually challenge traditional methods.

In doing so I came to understand that many of the solutions I was looking for already existed in ethical business principles and traditional physiotherapy science, however there were many unconnected dots, so I looked for the links. I was able to create something new from what already existed, which works better and produces better business and clinical results more consistently.” - Michael Ridgway

RM approach:

"Not to turn the physiotherapy world upside down, rather to turn the world's approach to musculoskeletal healthcare right side up."

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