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What to expect with RM?

  • Expect something very different... When we want to achieve very different results... We need to have a very different approach...

RM App​roach

  • RM is about living at our best to create great experiences for everyone we connect with
  • We live at our best when we take action which matches what is most important to us
  • What is most important to us is our values

Every aspect of RM practitioners clinical and business processes is aimed at matching the Virtues of honesty, openness and cognisance, the External Focuses of family and healthy activity, and the Internal Drivers of problem solving and connecting the dots.

Not only does this create the best possible experiences for physiotherapists and their teams, it also creates best possible experiences and outcomes for every client

See an example of the RM Process in brief (silent video):

Note: Individual results vary

What happens with the RM approach?

  • Ethical business principles provide better support... for physiotherapists, clients. administration, client-supporters... for best possible clinical results...
  • The latest neuroscience research* tells us that if there are no dysfunctions in the body, and/or mind, then there is no reason for the brain to create pain, stiffness and other symptoms
  • Only when there are dysfunctions in the body, and/or mind, does the brain have reason to create pain, stiffness and other symptoms.
  • We ask ourselves, "Is it best to focus on treating the pain?... using the mainstream approach?"... or, "Is it better to work out how to resolve the dysfunctions?... throughout the body, and/or mind, so that the brain no longer has any reason to create pain?"
  • ...and yes, we agree, it only makes sense to resolve the dysfunctions throughout the body... which are the reason the brain creates pain
  • This approach involves operating with a very high level of Evidence Based Practice**... which is very different to the mainstream approach
  • ...once this is understood... why would any practitioner not take this type of approach?

*Explain Pain 2nd Edn. By David S. Butler, G. Lorimer Moseley, Sunyata - Adelaide: Noigroup Publications, 2013
**Hush JM, Alison JA. Evidence-Based Practice: lost in translation? (2011) Journal of Physiotherapy. 57:207-208. Editorial

A Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner explaining his benefits with RM:




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