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More RM (PCF) Treatment until Fixed + RM Postural Exercises

Why progress RM (PCF) treatment and add RM Postural Exercise strategies?

  • Because the progressed RM (PCF) treatment provides the best possible fix* and the postural exercises strategies empower clients to maintain the improvements for the long-term

How are 'more treatment until fixed' and 'postural exercise strategies' performed?


Video summary:                                                                             Note: Individual results vary

  • Client: "I started to develop hamstring pain... [hamstring tendonopathy, I tried multiple practitioners]... I was frustrated nothing seem to be working"
  • Practitioner: "... I did a T9 glide [continued treatment]... And what did that do for you?"
  • Client: "Full hamstring range, full hamstring strength, everything moving well, injury free...[in a few weeks]"
  •  Practitioner: "Tell me what you thought about all of the [standard] hamstring rehab work that we did"
  • Client:"I really enjoyed it because there was none of that..."
  • Practitioner: "Show us what we are talking about [for postural exercise strategies]..."
  • Client: "You can even see my lovely thoracic motor control [postural] taping on... better thoracic position... better stride... more efficient... better running and less injuries"
  • Client: "I also had to work on how I could breathe and keep my thoracic [spine] in a neutral position..."
  • Practitioner: "Congratulations on winning the 2013 national championships... what have we got lined up next?"
  • Client: "Two weeks ago the Australian 4x4 team went to the Bahamas... We came second at the world really championships... So we qualified for the Rio Olympics next year"

What are some of the outcomes for continued PCF treatment? 

  1. All the dysfunctions connected to the condition continue to immediately and rapidly improve within the session
  2. Everyone can understand the connections in the body... which is helpful for clients', practitioners', and client-supporters' confidence
  3. Any connected dysfunctions can be used for monitoring progress... in sessions... between sessions... for the long-term
  4. This saves a lot of time and expense otherwise wasted on treating and managing the secondary connected dysfunctions
  5. It is, by definition, not possible to have chronic, or persistent, pain once a PCF has been established, treated and tuned-up or monitored  

What are some of the outcomes for postural exercise strategies?

  1. RM postural exercises are unique because they I focused on optimal control of, or how to relieve strain off, the worst dysfunction that is the underlying cause of all the other dysfunctions (the PCF)...
  2. This means very simple postural strategies... focused on the one area... are applied during all different functions, activities and exercises the client needs to perform throughout life... 
  3. No more lists of stretches and strengthening exercises for homework... because these are not as effective, or as efficient, as focusing on good control of the PCF

*'Best possible fix' with the practitioner's skills


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