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V2.0 | NEW in 2017
6 Months Training*



Register for RM Training... greater clinical satisfaction and a better life-balance

Michael Ridgway is not satisfied with the outcomes from the way he was trained in physiotherapy.  

He shares a better way with physiotherapists.  

Michael's approach achieves better results for clients than alternatives... and more physiotherapists, their teams, and more clients can live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.


Why RM Training?

  • Because physiotherapists deserve to be remunerated well and to have more healthy activity and family time 
  • Physiotherapists also deserve greater satisfaction with immediate, dramatic, direct impact with every client every session
  • This approach provides both - proven by hundreds of Australian physiotherapists  
  • The RM approach has the highest level of Evidence-Based Practice** 

How do I learn the RM Approach?

  • RM Training is a 6-month training package | Requires 3 hours study per week, plus mentoring sessions and tutorials
  • Learn one step and practice and apply with clients before learning the next step | Each step builds on the previous step
  • The step-by-step online training teaches all the knowledge of how to apply RM one step at a time, and how to get RM results
  • Group mentoring sessions via video conference reinforces and advances your understanding
  • The 6x 3-hour hands-on training teaches RM Techniques, RM Skills, and application of the RM process, one step at a time
  • Each cohort starts training in March and September each year

Key difference with RM Training

  • Attract more full-fee paying private clients who book longer sessions
  • Certainty that you are providing the best care possible
  • RM Training teaches you how to get dramatic, Immediate, direct impact with every client every session
  • The training pays for itself with the increased fees generated from more private, full-fee clients
  • “I trained as a physio, but it wasn’t satisfying so I now do it differently… I had to try a lot of different approaches to figure out what really works” - Michael Ridgway


Registration includes:

  • Immediate access to 40x 10-15 minute video-training
  • 8x monthly 60-minute videoconference-training in small groups with Michael Ridgway
  • 6x monthly 3-hour hands-on tutorials* in small groups with an RMCP

Important: Everyone who understands what they get for this training understands the reason for the investment costs, and how worthwhile this is.     

Jacob from Jacob Bryant

Physiotherapy recently
completed RM Training
and sent this update:

What else have I achieved…
  • Working 10-20 hours a week
    earning similar (sometimes
    more) than when I was
    working 40+hrs
  • Can go to gym twice a day
  • No work on Thursday (Nat’s
    only day off work) - go bush
  • All my clients are A-class
    clients (previously a mix of
    good and bad ones)
  • Much more rewarding work
    - huge impact on people’s lives
  • No longer frustrated with not
    knowing answers - able to
    work these out 
  • Able to fix my mum - 10 years
    severe hip pain - now able to
    walk without limping, row
    & exercise 


  • The training schedule in each city is tailored to mutually beneficial times... enquire to receive training in your city »
  • Pay in full and receive 3 nights FREE accommodation at the next RM Conference [second price option above]
  • Important Note: Learn how RM Training can be cost neutral with no out of pocket cost to you... click here » 

Itinerary & Locations of the RM Paradigm Training

40x 10-15minute online video training

  • 6 Modules, plus introduction video training
  • Each video builds on the previous
  • Online training teaches the RM Process, RM Techniques & RM Skills ready for mentoring & tutorial sessions 

6x monthly tutorials:

  • Located at RMCP practices »
  • Standardly Saturday mornings
  • 8:45am for a 9:00am Start | 12pm Finish [Local time]

6x monthly video conference mentoring:

  • GotoMeeting video conferencing is Via any web browser | No special software necessary
  • Standardly Tuesdays
  • 1pm Start | 2:30pm Finish [Brisbane Time]

If you have any questions about this itinerary please contact the... RM Admin Team




Important Tip | Train With A Colleague

  • It is highly recommended to participate in RM Paradigm training with a colleague from your practice, or a colleague that you know well
  • This will dramatically increase your proficiency with RM
  • Note, one study looking at behavioural change stated that we need 5 supporters on average... When doing this training you already have your tutor & Michael Ridgway... You'll do well to have three other supporters... Such as your partner, a colleague, in admin team member etc.

Study Plan

The course content is arranged in modules with a specific sequence... allowing you to learn and implement the steps of the RM process as you go

Participants' process:

  • To study the online modules in your own time... To prepare for each mentoring and a tutorial session
  • Attend each mentoring session (by videoconference) with Michael Ridgway to have questions answered and to be prepared for the tutorials
  • Attend each tutorial session knowing all of the content for that topic... And use the time to get hands-on proficiency with the skills
  • Practice the skills... On clients, family, colleagues, friends or network-contacts
  • Repeat this monthly for six months to become proficient the practising RM

Plan to study a minimum of 3-hours per week... As well as practice time (ideally with clients)



See the type of results below that you will achieve with your clients following RM Training

Jacob Bryant during his 2-hour live-client Viva Assessment to earn the title Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner:





More RM Results

See a specific type of manual therapy, an RM Joint Release, achieving a result that is not possible with any 'physiotherapy' approach: 





Physiotherapist's Feedback





  • "I was blown away by this course – the content was superb and the presentation even better!  It’s very “do-able” and I know that my practice will benefit enormously from this.  Thank you Michael and Jessica.”
    - Jenny Dutton, Successful Bathurst Practice Owner
  • “Having just completed the Ridgway Method (RM) course and spending time with Michael and Jessica being mentored in RM, I am convinced this is the future of physiotherapy.  RM is revolutionary and as a private practitioner I find I get results quickly in a logical, problem solving and objective way. My treatments are now more efficient, more enjoyable and more smart. Michael and Jessica are generous, enthusiastic and passionate physiotherapists who allow participants on their course to learn and develop all the skills ready to start straight away. Do not hesitate to attend a RM course and see the future of musculoskeletal physio and how to run a successful private practice. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”
    - Cath Moore.  APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Successful Sydney Practice Owner
  • “The Ridgway Method is both revolutionary and mind bending.  In the first week of using the method I have completely changed my clinical practice to achieve immediate results with my patients I didn’t think possible.  I am now excited about the future of physiotherapy and encourage all to get involved.”
    - Nick Schuster, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • They should teach this at university.  The Ridgway Method course provides an effective and easy to implement alternative to physiotherapists suffering from the drain of patients not respecting their time or service.”
    - Andrew Logan, Bundaberg Physiotherapist
  • “Prepare to think outside the box as the Ridgway Method helps you to have more job satisfaction and get more clients better more quickly.  I look forward to more physiotherapists learning about this method so we can improve the standard of our profession.  The Ridgway Method should be taught at university as well.” - Chi-Keung Lee, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • If you already get 90-95% of clients better in no time then don’t do this course. Otherwise think about doing this course and opening up to the possibilities of fantastic results.”
    - Justin Moar, Successful Melbourne Practice Owner



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