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RM Whole Body Muscle
Knots Tests & Treatment







What is RM Whole Body Muscle Knots Testing?

  • RM Whole Body Muscle Knots Testing is an advanced way to testing all muscles knots throughout the whole body

Why test muscles throughout the whole body?

  • Because local symptoms often have remote causes

Why RM Muscle Knot Treatments?

  • RM Muscle Releases are an advance and simple approach
  • Problem solving to discover the best treatment 
  • And provide a rapid fix for the client's condition 

Also, clients and practitioners trust how much more this is worth.

These values and the higher-purpose they achieve may not be a match for you... and that's okay. 

For practitioners who take the time to think about their life-purpose and match these reasons... RM training is the help to get you there...

You will leave this RM Whole Body Muscle knots Tests & Treatment Course knowing how to more accurately and successfully assess and treat muscle knot dysfunctions:

  1. How to perform advanced and sensitive RM Body Scan on your clients immediately
  2. How to rapidly fix muscle knot dysfunctions
  3. The Neurophysiology for why RM Muscle Releases are so effective
  4. How RM Muscle Releases can make an instant change in clients functional ability
  5. All skill-levels and experience-levels are appropriate for this RM Muscle Release Course including previous RM course participants

Who is this course for?

  • Physiotherapists and other registered health professionals, Massage Therapists and Myotherapists - Learn the Tests & Treatments
  • Other Non-registered health and fitness professionals - Learn the Tests and how this adds value for your clients


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Important Note: RM does not let limited finances prevent any physiotherapist from participating | Simply enquire about financial support options... click here »

What are RM Whole Body Muscle Knots Tests?

Answer: RM Whole Body Muscle Knot Test techniques are sensitive manual therapy skills used in the process of prove the effectiveness of muscle release treatment 

  • The aim of RM Muscle Releases is to quickly restore full function pain free throughout the body
  • This exciting approach brings each practitioner's skills together for best outcomes.   Many physiotherapists describe that they enjoy physiotherapy a lot more since integrating these techniques into their practice.

Play this video to see a study that includes RM Whole Body Muscle Knot Treatments:


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About The Presenters:

  • The Ridgway Institute International recruits the most experienced team in Australia at applying RM Body Scan and Muscle Release
  • The Ridgway Institute International recruits the most experienced practitioners in Australia at applying RM NDTs to present the RM NDT Courses
  • A total of 10,000+ successful RM Body Scan sessions with clients
  • They have achieved remarkable results with national and international athletes
  • A history of teaching RM Body Scan to some of the most experienced and respected physiotherapists throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • See the RMm Body Scan Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner educators closest to you at this link »




Itinerary & Locations

  • All RM Body Scan and Muscle Release Course times are 8:30am Registration for 9am Start - 5pm Finish
  • PLEASE REMEMBER business dress (collar & button shirt) | Bring prac clothes
  • Early-Bird Special - Register >2weeks prior to the course and receive FREE the Videocasts/Podcasts of Clinical Education  - worth $599 total




Start & Introduction



Morning Tea



What is most important?!

Simplifying Muscle Assessment

Theory for why RM Muscle Releases work

Practical Session | RM Whole Body Muscle Tests


Q & As

More Practical Class




RM Whole Body Muscle Tests

How to be objective


Including stories of cases and the history of RM Body Scan and Muscle Release

More Practical Class




Afternoon Tea


RM Whole Body Muscle Treatments

Indications for referral

What to expect with clients | Case studies


Q & As

Group Activities


Ready to put Muscle Releases into practice:

Treating each other for immediate results [willing participants only]

Summary | Action Plans | Finish


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Gold Coast

Vibe Hotel

42 Ferny Ave,

Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

(07) 5539 0444


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Meridian Hotel

21-39 Melbourne Street


08 8267 3033



Greene Chiropractic

Shop 2, 2-4 Adelong Street
Sutherland NSW 2232

02 9542 2403


Grand Chancellor Hotel

23 Leichardt Street

Brisbane 4000

07 3831 4055

Parking available at the hotel | $10 per day for course participants


RM Muscle Knot Treatments | Live-clients

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