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NEW in 2016
6 Months Training*




RM Paradigm Modules

***NEW in 2016 | RM Paradigm training is transitioning to local training... no need to travel to a 'course'... 6 months total which includes the training of below and greater close attention.


  • Earn more & work Less  |  Have greater client satisfaction  |  Greater work satisfaction  |  Better life balance
  • 32 hours of Courses | 50+ hours of Online Modules | 82+ hours Total | *Average time for total completion is 4-12 months
  • Maximum participant to presenter ratio for the 4-day Course Is 8:1
  • Pay in full and receive 3 nights FREE accommodation at the RM Conference [second price option above]
  • Important Note: RM does not let limited finances prevent any physiotherapist from participating | Simply enquire about financial support options... click here » 

Below are thumbnail videos and summaries of the modules of RM Paradigm Training

Thumbnail Videos & Images
How and why good business changes are good for client outcomes:
Module 1 | The Amazing Benefits of Entrepreneurialism and Physiotherapy | Value AUD249

2 hours 45 minutes | Introduction, inspiration, and examples of progress in physiotherapy business
Why and How good business changes result in better client outcomes and a win-win for all.

Module 2 | The Amazing Benefits of Entrepreneurialism and Physiotherapy - Podcast | Value AUD89

22 minutes | Inspiration & Clarifying misconceptions about business and money

Module 3 | Working Smarter Not Harder | Value AUD749

2 hours | Enhancing understanding of the APA Physiotherapy National Service Descriptors

Providing strategies of successful implementation of the APA Physiotherapy National Service Descriptors and decreasing fears about the concepts involved.


Getting started with clinical-skills development:
Module 4 | Clinical Evening: TDTs | Value AUD79

1 hour 38 minutes | Enhancing Client Outcomes Through Functional Treatment

What are TDTs? How do they work? What conditions are applicable?

Module 5 | Live Client | Value AUD249

1 hour | Demonstrating the first 5 steps of the RM Flowchart - Assessment and Treatment Testing

Familiarisation of the first 5 (of 10) steps of the RM Flowchart with a live client

Module 6 | Observing Live Client Treatments by RMCPs | Value AUD220

6 hours | Familiarisation with the practical aspects of RM in the clinical environment

Observing via Skype or in person and noting the success with the 36-point RM Checklist


Module 7 | Live Clients | Value AUD499

3 hours | Demonstrating the 10 steps of the RM Flowchart - Assessment, Treatment Testing, Progressions and Planning

Marking-off the 36-point RM Checklist during two live-client demonstrations

Module 8 | RM Information, case study explanation and short video | Value = Priceless

1 hour | Clinical examples, RM explanations, and business + clinical support from physiotehrapists around Australia

Module 9 | Support Information | Value AUD299

1 hour | RM Model diagrams, client and physiotherapist proprietary information for clinical education/marketing

RM Concept & RM Process in detail:
Module 10 | RM Overview | Value AUD150

1 hour 35 minutes | RM Concept & RM Process summarised

The RM Concept can apply to every client receiving MSK care.  The RM Process is an effecient way to use physiotherapy skills to achieve the RM Concept.

Module 11 | Practical Class - Nerve Root Irritation: NDT Testing & Clearing | Value AUD599

51 minutes | Demonstrating and explaining the importance of clearing common 'conditions of caution' e.g. NDT

The techniques used to clear NDT for the vast majority of clients in 5-10 minutes (median)

Module 12 | Practical Class - 'Give', RM Process and Neck TDTs | Value AUD300

1 hour | Explaining the practical steps of the RM Process

Explaining and practising the four categories of TDTs with a neck condition

Module 13 | Practical Class - TDTs for Thoracic, Lumbar & Pelvic Presenting Conditions | Value AUD300

1 hour | Practising the practical steps of the RM Process

Explaining and practising the four categories of TDTs with spinal conditions

Module 14 | Practical Class - TDTs for Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder & Elbow Presenting Conditions | Value AUD300

36 minutes | Practising the practical steps of the RM Process

Explaining and practising the four categories of TDTs with peripheral conditions

Module 15 | RM Progress Graph | Value AUD99

12 minutes | The steps and reasons for performing the RM Progress Graph with clients

The key points of the RM Progress Graph are outlined and practised

Module 16 | RM Neurophysiological Models | Value AUD799

1 hour | Describing the RM Neurophysiological models as they apply to musculoskeletal dysfunction and health

A summary of the latest research from the neuroscience world, condensed and made useful for clients and physiotherapists.

Module 17 | RM Business Building with Internal-Generated Marketing | Value AUD949

3.5 hours | Introduction of the systems to reliably gain clients that want your service no matter what the fee

A step-by-step process of marketing and building business the ethical way - by helping people help others

Module 18 | Evidence Based Practise Made Practical | Value AUD199

40 minutes | Ridgway Method = EBP

The full definition of EBP and it's ramifications for physiotherapist is explained - it's not what you think!

Applying RM in practise:
Module 20 | RM Paradigm Course | Value AUD2999

4 days [32 hours] | Including the TDT Course below

Leave this course applying the RM Process to your clients, knowing how promote client's health, and build your client-list. 



Module 21 | RM Insight TDT Course + Online videocasts | Value AUD754

9.5 hours | Included in the RM Paradigm Course above

A day to practise TDTs for all regions of the body with all four categories of TDTs.

Module 22 | RM Mentoring Sessions | Value AUD3200

6 hours | One-on-one | Refining clinical and business application of the RM Concepts and RM Process

The topics covered are individual, including both business and clinical applications of RM.


Module 23 | Observing Live Client Treatments by RMCPs | Value AUD220

6 hours | Streamlining the application of the RM Process

Use RMCP's clinical applications to fine-tune and consolidate RM in practise


Module 24 | Live Client | Value AUD249

2 hours | A focus on scripts used for client management

Multiple supplementary scripts are added to a live client treatment - for maximum satisfaction of clients receiving RM


Itinerary & Locations of the RM Paradigm 4-Day Course

  • PLEASE REMEMBER business dress (collar & button shirt)
  • Start/Finish Times: 8:40am for a 9:00 Start | 5pm Finish
  • Your choice of coffee is delivered to you at the beginning of each day.
  • Breaks: 10:30am Morning Tea (15mins.) | 12:30pm Lunch (45 mins.)  | 3:00pm Afternoon Tea (15mins.)


Thursday Morning:

NDT Course

RM Concept & RM Process

The RM Checklist & Assessment/Treatment demonstrated by Michael Ridgway on a live client:

Clinical Application | Taking a RM History
RM Neural Dynamic Tests (NDT) theory and practical class

Thursday Afternoon:

The RM Checklist & Assessment/Treatment demonstrated by Michael Ridgway on a live client:

Prac Class | RM NDT Assessment and treatment
Treating each other to fix NDT

Friday Morning:

The RM Checklist & Assessment/Treatment demonstrated by Michael Ridgway on a live client:

Through Assessment
Treatment Direction Tests TDTs

Friday Afternoon

The RM Checklist & Assessment/Treatment demonstrated by Michael Ridgway on a live client: 

Defining and demonstrating a PCF
RM Neurophysiology Models

What does success with RM look like?


TDT Course
Neurophysiology made practical (30-45 minutes)
TDT Skills and practice (6 hours)
Client examples with participants practicing TDTs (30 minutes)

Sunday morning:

Participants apply RM Checklist & Assessment/Treatment

Experience the process by doing it & receiving it

Refresher participants are welcome to bring a client-case for Michael Ridgway to provide a 2nd pair of eyes &/or manual handling skills topics for tutorials and practice during this time

Sunday afternoon:

RM business building 
RM Marketing

Your action plan



Adina Hotel

138 Barrack Street

Perth 6000

08 9267 000

CPP Parking – 87-89 Pier Street | 5 min walk from hotel
Wilson Parking – 186 Pier Street | 8 minute walk from hotel


Moore Park Gardens Seminar Room

780 Bourke Street

Redfern 2016

02 9310 1801

Parking is free | Arrive early to ensure you can get a park

Directions: Head down the lane to the end roundabout | The seminar/community
room is located inthe building at the end of the lane



Grand Chancellor Hotel

23 Leichardt Street

Brisbane 4000

07 3831 4055

Parking available at the hotel | $10 per day for course participants


If you have any questions about this itinerary please contact the... RM Admin Team

RM Provides the systems and tools for a clinical advantage

Physiotherapists using RM explain they require less effort for dramatically improved client-outcomes.

  • A more thorough and holistic process
  • Less chance of the best solution being missed
  • A faster result and saving total costs for clients on average
  • Clinical Lateral thinking
  • NEW to physiotherapy: Objective Clinical Reasoning
  • Each client achieves more 'Wows'
  • On-line modules significantly assist the integration of RM into practice

The benefits to the physiotherapist:

  • An exciting and refreshing approach to clinical work
  • Conditions are simplified
  • Confidence that the best solution has been found for the client
  • Higher value of service
  • Enjoy work significantly more


Business Advantage

The RM Business Plan is a unique system to free business owners from being tied-down to their business. 

  • Work less earn more
  • Attract the right staff
  • Create a team that runs the business and builds business
  • Get paid what you deserve by the business every month - just for owning the business
  • Lowering the total costs to clients and the community
  • On-line modules allow repeated review to maximise integration into practice

Example of RM Business Plan Success | 8 years since inception at one practice:

  • Tripled gross business income
  • Quadrupled the owners earnings
  • Owner works 10 hours per week in the business
  • All with a similar sized physiotherapist-team

Many have stated that this is unbelievable, until they visited the business and saw for themselves.

  • Many physiotherapist around the country are now replicating this success

This fees and service structure is a unique application based on the APA National Physiotherapy Service Descriptors


Ridgway Method (RM) Explained

RM is a standardised, repeatable system that consistently gains immediate, dramatic and long lasting results for the vast majority of musculoskeletal conditions.

Physiotherapists of all experience & qualification levels apply this system, the day after the course, with the same results as above - and physiotherapists consistently report that this system is much easier to apply than conventional physiotherapy methods.

Successful practitioners know that Client Management is one of the most important factors for greatest success with clients & with business

This is why 22 of the 36 check-points for competency with the Ridgway Method are client management systems...and 14 check-points are based on assessment and treatment interventions.

These client management systems ensure:

  • Each client leaves with a tangible experience and an understandable process
  • Each client knows what they will get and where the end point is
  • Including - what caused the condition,
  • how long it will take to resolve, and how much this will cost.

After their first session clients leave asking "How soon can I book back in?" ...even though the per session cost is higher.

Clients express they are happy to pay more for each session as they can see fewer sessions are required and this saves them time and money overall.

To see NEW live-client videos (uploaded March 2012) of RM results - access our Private Practitioner Information page -> join our practitioner network - the password and link will be sent to you... Click Here »


RM Training Includes:

Physiotherapist's Feedback





  • "I was blown away by this course – the content was superb and the presentation even better!  It’s very “do-able” and I know that my practice will benefit enormously from this.  Thank you Michael and Jessica.”
    - Jenny Dutton, Successful Bathurst Practice Owner
  • “Having just completed the Ridgway Method (RM) course and spending time with Michael and Jessica being mentored in RM, I am convinced this is the future of physiotherapy.  RM is revolutionary and as a private practitioner I find I get results quickly in a logical, problem solving and objective way. My treatments are now more efficient, more enjoyable and more smart. Michael and Jessica are generous, enthusiastic and passionate physiotherapists who allow participants on their course to learn and develop all the skills ready to start straight away. Do not hesitate to attend a RM course and see the future of musculoskeletal physio and how to run a successful private practice. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”
    - Cath Moore.  APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Successful Sydney Practice Owner
  • “The Ridgway Method is both revolutionary and mind bending.  In the first week of using the method I have completely changed my clinical practice to achieve immediate results with my patients I didn’t think possible.  I am now excited about the future of physiotherapy and encourage all to get involved.”
    - Nick Schuster, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • They should teach this at university.  The Ridgway Method course provides an effective and easy to implement alternative to physiotherapists suffering from the drain of patients not respecting their time or service.”
    - Andrew Logan, Bundaberg Physiotherapist
  • “Prepare to think outside the box as the Ridgway Method helps you to have more job satisfaction and get more clients better more quickly.  I look forward to more physiotherapists learning about this method so we can improve the standard of our profession.  The Ridgway Method should be taught at university as well.” - Chi-Keung Lee, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • If you already get 90-95% of clients better in no time then don’t do this course. Otherwise think about doing this course and opening up to the possibilities of fantastic results.”
    - Justin Moar, Successful Melbourne Practice Owner



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