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Register for RM Training... greater work satisfaction and for better life balance 

Michael Ridgway is not satisfied with the outcomes from the way he was trained in physiotherapy.  

He wants to share a better way with more physiotherapists.  

Michael's approach achieves better results for clients than alternatives... and more physiotherapists, their teams and more clients can live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

  • The latest in Australian clinical reasoning and satisfaction as a physiotherapist... is coming to the United Kingdom
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Why RM Training?

  • Because physiotherapists deserve to be remunerated well and to have more healthy activity and family time 
  • Physiotherapists also deserve greater satsifcation with outstanding clinical outcomes
  • This approach provides both - proven by hundreds of Australian physiotherapists  
  • the RM approach has the highest level of Evidence Based Practice** 

How do I learn the RM Approach?

  • RM Training is a 3-month training package [August-October 2018] 
  • The step-by-step online training teaches all the knowledge of how to apply RM one step at a time, and how to get RM results
  • Group mentoring sessions via videoconference ensure everyone is on track with the training
  • The 4-Days of hands-on training is to fine tune what you have already learned
  • By this time you can be attracting more full-fee paying, private clients who book longer sessions and show a dramatically higher level of appreciation for your work

Key differences with RM

  • Attract more full-fee paying private clients
  • Certainty that you are providing the best care possible
  • More satisfying clinical outcomes 
  • “I trained as a physio, but it wasn’t satisfying so I now do it differently… I had to try a lot of different approaches to figure out what really works” - Michael Ridgway, Brisbane, Australia
  • The training pays for itself with the increased fees generated from more private, full-fee clients

"Having just completed the Ridgway

Method course,
I am convinced this is the future of physiotherapy.
RM is revolutionary.  My treatments
are now more efficient, more
enjoyable and more smart. I cannot
recommend this course highly

- Cath Moore. APA Titled Sports
Physiotherapist and Successful Sydney
Practice Owner

See more feedback »

Registration includes:

  1. Immediate access to 30x 10-15 minute video-training
  2. 7x 90-minute training sessions* [videoconference] with Michael Ridgway RMCE & Amanda Baker RMCP [August-October 2018]
  3. 4-Day Course... 80% practical & hands-on [13-16 September 2018]
  4. A private international network of physiotherapists with unparalleled clinical satisfaction and life-balance - frequently sharing how they do it and answering questions


Numbers are strictly limited to 16 maximum.  This maximum of 8 participants per presenter for highest quality learning and attention. 

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*The mentoring sessions by videoconference will be recorded.  If you are unable to attend any sessions you can view the recordings 

**Evidence Based Practice including Client Values + Clinical Skills + Research [as described by Sacket 1999]
Hush, J.M. and Alison, J.A., Evidnece-based practice: lost in translation? Journal of Physiotherapy. Vol. 57, [2011], pp.143-144.

Itinerary of RM Training | August-October 2017  

Michael Ridgway really cares about every practitioner receiving the full benefits of RM Training.

This is reflected in the 4-part training approach (below) to maximise your understanding and application. 

1) Online training  

A series of 10 minute videos teaches this new problem solving approach including clinical skills | 6 Modules of ~30 videos total 

  • Add one new step at a time to your clinical practice
  • Understand 'WHY do it this way' for each step 
  • Gain all the knowledge in your own time | Complete each module prior to the corresponding mentoring session

2) 90-minute mentoring sessions 

Michael Ridgway will help you apply each step at time | Solidifying the online training content

  • Ensuring that you are understanding the RM clinical approach well 
  • Answering your questions
  • Via videoconference | These will be recorded.  If you can't attend then watch the recording at your convenient time. 

Mentoring sessions schedule | 7:00am-8:30am UK Time

8 August

15 August

22 August

29 August

5 September 

3 October

24 October


3) Online forum for clinical and business support  

Unlimited access to a private group of RM practitioners for better understanding RM and your potential using this approach.  

  • See what other practitioners share | Cases studies, helpful strategies, marketing tips... + more
  • Ask questions on any clinical or business topic | Learn from other practitioner's questions and answers

4) Attend 4 days of training  

  • For fine tuning your skills with these new techniques
  • Re-enforce your understanding of what you've already learned
  • Hands-on skill development | Communication + Manual Therapy skills
  • Treat each other/be treated
  • 13-16 September 2018
  • See more details below

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Itinerary & Locations of the RM Training 4-Day Course

  • PLEASE REMEMBER business dress (collar & button shirt & bring prac clothes to change into)
  • Start/Finish Times: 8:40am for a 9:00 Start | 5pm Finish
  • Breaks: 10:30am Morning Tea (15mins.) | 12:30pm Lunch (45 mins.)  | 3:00pm Afternoon Tea (15mins.)


Thursday Morning:

RM Concept & RM Process | WHY do it this way?

Whole Body Neural Dynamic Tests and Treatment

RM Neural Dynamic Tests (NDT) theory and practical class

Thursday Afternoon:

RM Neural Dynamic Treatments | Neural Interface Treatments 

Friday Morning:

RM Whole Body Assessment | WHY a Whole Body Assessment | A more scientific approach

RM Trials of Treatment Process | Treatment Direction Tests (TDTs) | WHY Trial Treatments?

Friday Afternoon

RM Whole Body Re-Assessment | WHY a Whole Body Re-Assessment?

Defining and demonstrating a PCF (Primary Contributing Factor)

RM Neurophysiology Models

How are conditions fixed in 1 week? [fix = full-function pain-free]


RM Progression of treatment | Manual therapy techniques

RM Postural Exercises | Advanced approach to applying Motor Control 

Sunday morning:

RM Tune Ups | WHY Tune Ups?

RM progression of exercises

Sunday afternoon:

RM business building 
RM Marketing

Your action plan



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41 Gransha Road
Castlereagh, Belfast
BT23 5RF, Northern Ireland
Tel: +44 (0) 2890 448631
Fax: +44 (0) 2890 448026
General Enquiries: info@lamon.co.uk
Accommodation: reservations@lamon.co.uk

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If you have any questions about this itinerary please contact the... RM Admin Team

RM Clinical Results


  • WHY RM TRAINING? BELFAST, UK | August– October 2018
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Physiotherapists using RM explain they require less effort for dramatically improved client-outcomes.

  • Local symptoms often have remote causes
  • Finding the cause creates dramatically better results
  • Very different results to traditional physiotherapy 
  • Physiotherapists satisfaction with their work dramatically increases
  • NEW to physiotherapy: Objective Clinical Reasoning
  • Each client achieves more 'Wows'

The benefits to the physiotherapist:

  • An exciting and refreshing approach to clinical work
  • Conditions are simplified
  • Confidence that the best solution has been found for the client
  • Higher value of service
  • Enjoy work significantly more

Business Advantage

The RM Business approach is an ethical way to support physiotherapists so they can provide the best care possible for every client. 

  • Attract more private clients who want to pay in full for longer sessions 
  • Enjoy work more with quality time with clients
  • Earn more with attracting more full-fee paying clients
  • Work less hours and have your own life balance
  • Provide a better life balance for your clients at the same time
  • Lowering the total costs to clients and the community

Example of RM Business | The first 8 years of Michael Ridgway's success with this approach:

  • Tripled gross business income
  • Quadrupled Michael's personal earnings
  • Doubled employee earnings
  • Michael works <10 hours per week in the business
  • All achieved with a similar sized physiotherapist-team
  • Michael charges AUD$840 per hour
  • Michael's team charges AUD $208-$526 per hour depending on their experience with RM 
  • Many physiotherapist throughout Australia are now replicating this success... UK physiotherapists now have the chance to do the same

This fees and service structure is a unique application based on the APA National Physiotherapy Service Descriptors



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RM TRAINING BELFAST, UK | August – October 2018

I was in my element, with this chance to problem solve…

To the core of my being, I am a problem solver.  
I live at my best when I experience a situation that isn’t ideal, and I try to work out what can be done to make it better.
I love being a physiotherapist as I get a chance to live at my best, and problem solve with every client.  
Sarah* presented with a severe debilitating low back pain, with her trunk shifted to the left (listed), couldn't bend forward and unable to exercise or do her waitressing work
Because this was a flare-up of a 5-year condition Sarah was anxious for her work future… her ambition was to become a firefighter
I was in my element, with this chance to problem solve… Sarah was a perfect opportunity 
I want to problem solve the best I can, so the important factors for me are:  
  • I focus on objective measures
  • I see bigger, immediate improvements are better than smaller, slower improvements
  • I trust that an intervention that results in improvements in more dysfunctions throughout the body is better than an intervention that improves fewer dysfunctions
  • I see each client as an individual where anything is possible
Sarah’s condition didn’t immediately improve when I trialed all the techniques I had been taught for this kind of condition.  
I questioned myself, "What was I missing?".
I thought about it and realised I had nothing to lose by trialing different techniques to other areas of the body.
Sarah’s left subscapularis muscle had a large, hard knot… when I released this her trunk immediately straightened, she could bend forward without pain, and multiple dysfunctions throughout her body also improved
3 more sessions of subscapularis muscle release and Sarah had full-function, pain-free, and was back to training and work 
3-4 monthly tune-ups of this treatment allowed Sarah to have full-function and enjoy life pain-free for more than 4 years… Sarah recently became a firefighter



What happened when Amanda applied RM systems to this client?

Amanda Baker RMCP, Musculoskeletal Solutions, Auckland
"I take this different approach with clients now because it's the only way I can be confident that I can find the best intervention for each client.  The results sometimes amaze me as much as they amaze the client."... see case study below

Case Study | Michelle*| Part-time physiotherapist, mother of 1

Michelle had 13 years of intermittent left hip and anterior groin pain
She wanted to be able to play with her child and drive for up to 1 hr without symptoms
Michelle was interested in RM problem solving and took the opportunity to see Amanda Baker
Amanda is driven to be the best that she can be in all aspects of her life, including with solving clients conditions
120-minutes of RM assessment and treatment with Amanda resulted in immediate, dramatic improvements in Michelle's hip and groin, with similar improvements in multiple tests throughout Michelle's body
Michelle remains symptom-free after 3 months, is able to self-treat her condition and is able to enjoy playing with her child with no restriction





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Michael Ridgway | Founder of Ridgway Institute International

"I live at my best by pushing the boundaries, by trying something different, and making better changes for all." - Michael Ridgway
Michael completed his post graduate Musculoskeletal Masters degree at the University of Queensland in 2000 - he then became disillusioned in private practice in the following years due to inconsistent results, and being overworked for too little reward. 
Michael went on to revolutionise the way physiotherapy is practiced, by applying his deepest honesty and openness to better understanding musculoskeletal pain and injury. 
Michael applied his strictly scientific problem-solving mindset to create a systematic process to achieve unparalleled results for his clients.
Michael has helped high-profile people and non-high profile clients achieve results they couldn't achieve with other approaches. The focus was always healthy activity and family time for his clients, his team and for himself.
In order to help Yolane Kukla to Commonwealth and Olympic gold Michael was approved as a Swimming Australia physiotherapist - rare for a non-contracted practitioner. 
One of the ways Michael gave back to the profession was to volunteer for the MPA and to share with others the benefits of the APA National Service Descriptors. For this, he won the APA Professional Excellence Award - for contribution to the promotion of the physiotherapy profession - 2007. 
Michael's physiotherapy practice in Brisbane, Australia, significantly outperforms others in the industry and provides Michael, his team, and his clients with a quality of life not possible with the way he was taught to approach physiotherapy. 
In 2010 Michael realised he can help a lot more people with sharing his systematic approach with other physiotherapists and he started an education business. 
Michael has helped hundreds of physiotherapists, throughout Australia, and internationally to achieve a better life for themselves, their teams and their clients.

Amanda Baker | Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner | Director of Musculoskeletal Solutions

Amanda Baker has been a practising physiotherapist for 16 years. She trained at University of Otago, began her work in Wellington, then traveled and worked in the UK, and finally Sydney where she studied the Ridgway Method.
Amanda now resides in Auckland with her husband and two children.  
“I thrive the most by living my core values in my work and by helping people who feel the same. My motivation to achieve long lasting results for clients comes by living my honesty and openness with individualized attention, thoroughness and out-of-the-box thinking.  This is the way I get to enjoy problem-solving even the most complex conditions, with great satisfaction.  
I enjoy healthy living by creating time for exercise, good diet and quality family time. I work hard to be the best role model I can be for my young family.  Not only does this motivate me, but it also enables me to give each client my full attention every session.  
I also understand what it feels like to be ‘broken’ or just not functioning physically at my best.  I have personally experienced the frustrations when a condition does not improve as you would expect.  This is why I now specialized in a treatment process that takes the guesswork out of solving musculoskeletal conditions so that I can be confident that I find the best intervention for each client."


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Ridgway Method (RM) Explained

Michael Ridgway is not satisfied with the outcomes from the way he was trained in physiotherapy.  
He worked long and hard, since 2003, to design a systematic problem solving approach for resolving sports and musculoskeletal conditions in dramatically better way.

Michael's frustrations led him to take a more honest and a more open approach.  

He strove to be more objective and look further than he was taught, for more rapid and longer lasting solutions.  
Until he came to see that local symptoms often have causes from somewhere very different in the body1.

  • A more thorough and holistic process | Learn a more in depth way of being thorough and taking a holistic approach to solving MSK conditions
  • Less chance of the best solution being missed | Have confidence in finding the best solution for every client
  • A faster result and saving total costs for clients on average | Learn how using a checklist and spending more time being thorough in the beginning can save your clients time and money in the long term and how much your clients love you for this!
  • Clinical Lateral thinking |  Experience a whole different level of clinical lateral thinking
  • NEW to physiotherapy: Objective Clinical Reasoning  | Learn how objective clinical reasoning takes the pressure off you and gives better clarity when solving msk conditions
  • Each client achieves more ‘Wows’ | how to WOW every client in the first session
  • On-line modules significantly assist the integration of RM into practice

The results created a new understanding, which is increasingly backed up by research, that musculoskeletal conditions are actually protective mechanisms which are a result accumulative strain.
For these reasons, behaviour change is also required for rapid and long-term benefits.

RM 5 Fundamentals:
  1. Be objective
  2. Local symptoms often have remote causes
  3. Musculoskeletal conditions are protective mechanisms
  4. And result from accumulative strain
  5. Behaviour change is required for long-term outcomes

These fundamentals guide every step of the RM approach... making it simple for physiotherapists to understand and apply.

The clinical results are not like traditional physiotherapy results, there's no comparison.  See examples at this tab » 

  • Clients are happy to pay full private fees and pay more for each session... because they see the benefits
  • Clients book longer sessions
  • Clients can see the methodical plan and that immediate results require fewer sessions...
  • And this saves them time and money overall
  • And this earns the physiotherapist more money with less work overall

1Sueki DG, Cleland JA, Wainner RS. A regional interdependence model of musculoskeletal dysfunction: research, mechanisms, and clinical implications.  J Man Manip Ther. 2013 May;21(2):90-102
1Bialosky JE, Bishop MD, George SZ.  Regional interdependence: a musculoskeletal examination model whose time has come.  J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2008 Mar;38(3):159-60
2René Pelletier, Johanne Higgins, Daniel Bourbonnais. (2015). Is neuroplasticity in the central nervous system the missing link to our understanding of chronic musculoskeletal disorders? BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 16:25

To see more live-client videos of RM results - access our Private Practitioner Information page -> join our practitioner network - the password and link will be sent to you... Click Here »

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Physiotherapist's Feedback


  • "I was blown away by this course – the content was superb and the presentation even better!  It’s very “do-able” and I know that my practice will benefit enormously from this.  Thank you Michael and Jessica.”
    - Jenny Dutton, Successful Bathurst Practice Owner
  • “Having just completed the Ridgway Method (RM) course and spending time with Michael and Jessica being mentored in RM, I am convinced this is the future of physiotherapy.  RM is revolutionary and as a private practitioner I find I get results quickly in a logical, problem solving and objective way. My treatments are now more efficient, more enjoyable and more smart. Michael and Jessica are generous, enthusiastic and passionate physiotherapists who allow participants on their course to learn and develop all the skills ready to start straight away. Do not hesitate to attend a RM course and see the future of musculoskeletal physio and how to run a successful private practice. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”
    - Cath Moore.  APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Successful Sydney Practice Owner
  • “The Ridgway Method is both revolutionary and mind bending.  In the first week of using the method I have completely changed my clinical practice to achieve immediate results with my patients I didn’t think possible.  I am now excited about the future of physiotherapy and encourage all to get involved.”
    - Nick Schuster, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • They should teach this at university.  The Ridgway Method course provides an effective and easy to implement alternative to physiotherapists suffering from the drain of patients not respecting their time or service.”
    - Andrew Logan, Bundaberg Physiotherapist
  • “Prepare to think outside the box as the Ridgway Method helps you to have more job satisfaction and get more clients better more quickly.  I look forward to more physiotherapists learning about this method so we can improve the standard of our profession.  The Ridgway Method should be taught at university as well.” - Chi-Keung Lee, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • If you already get 90-95% of clients better in no time then don’t do this course. Otherwise think about doing this course and opening up to the possibilities of fantastic results.”
    - Justin Moar, Successful Melbourne Practice Owner


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