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Why FREE Physio Bootcamp*?

Michael Ridgway is not satisfied with the outcomes from the way he was trained in physiotherapy.  He wants to share a better way with more physiotherapists.  This way more clients get fixed than he and present RM physiotherapists can fix themselves... and more physiotherapists, their teams and more clients can live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.     

Michael is offering FREE Physio Bootcamps to physiotherapists because he enjoys sharing this different approach.  His reward is seeing clients getting better results when more physiotherapists also learn how to push the boundaries. 

Who is the Free Physio Bootcamp For?

  • Previous RM Participants
  • New physiotherapists to RM
  • Administration teams

A 2-DAY Program Including:

  • RM NEW Re-Design 2017
  • See RM 5 Fundamentals in action
    • RM Techniques – the difference, the specifics, and practice
    • RM Skills – the difference, the specifics, and practice 
    • NDT/NDS & Whole Body Scan – How to use this to build business together with PTs & EPs – teaching this to PT for use in their business 
  • How much easier and more simple RM Re-Design makes our lives...
  • How you can get better outcomes...
"When I first experienced it myself I 'got it!'" - Kusal, Practice Owner, Melbourne

"Why would anyone want to take Friday off work to attend the Free Physio Bootcamp?"

As one participant put it, towards the end of the Free Physio Bootcamp in Melbourne, “I am under a lot of pressure to fit in as many patients as possible, I can’t really afford to take a day off work yet, I can’t afford not to learn how to make changes for a better life… just as you said it… more family time… more healthy activity… better results with clients… I can now see why this is so important to me.  I can see that making this sacrifice is worthwhile

You Will See:

  1. The new understanding of skill development in manual therapy
  2. How to take the pressure off to allow you to be at your best 
  3. How to push the boundaries to get better results and a better life for you, your team and for your clients
  4. How to get consistently outstanding results




Terms & Conditions: Any Free Physio Bootcamp can be canceled due to lack of attendee numbers, if this occurs we will give as much notice to participants as possible [minimum 2 weeks].  
There are no obligations for any participation in any RM activities following this event.  Catering is not provided.  All registrations are assessed individually and may be denied at the discretion of Ridgway Institute International.  

About Michael Ridgway

  • "I live at my best by pushing the boundaries, by trying something different, and making better changes." - Michael Ridgway

MICHAEL RIDGWAY completed his post-graduate Musculoskeletal Masters degree at the University of Queensland in 2000 - he then became disillusioned in private practice in the following years due to being overworked for too little reward.  Michael went on to spend more than ten years revolutionising the way physiotherapy is practiced, and along the way won the APA Professional Excellence Award - for contribution to promotion of the physiotherapy profession - 2007. 

Michael has helped hundreds of physiotherapists, throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia to achieve a better life for themselves, their teams and their clients. 

He performs up to 250 hours of mentoring sessions per year - teaching physiotherapist-owners and their teams how they can live at their best to create consistently great experiences including better outcomes for clients.

The dramatic clinical results achieved with Michael's approach are matched by the value he places on his clinical and mentoring time, which is presently AUD800 per hour.

Michael's system is simple enough that it can be applied by any practitioner... immediately.


Assisting Presenters:

See the assisting presenters at a location near you - Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners »

Guest Presenter | Craig O'Sullivan

Craig will present on communicating with authority, and teach us how to have a bigger impact with clients and referrers.
Craig O’Sullivan is a professional speaker, executive leadership and business strategy coach. He is an expert in powerful storytelling and is obsessed with strategically empowering and coaching industry leaders to engage, inspire and transform themselves, their brands, their teams and organizations through creating experiences. Craig’s unique coaching gift has seen him inspire clients across internationally. He has used his skills to produce shows on MTV, partner with national organizations and has coached 1,000’s of individuals and companies from around the world to become engaging, inspiring and transformational influencers.













Guest Presenter | Erin Carmody 

Erin will present on 'Openness is needed for success'

After spending over 10 000 hours transforming the psychology of clients from all walks of life, I now apply my knowledge to assist leaders to create a mindset for success in the digital age. Speaking on such topics as leadership, innovation and disruptive technologies, I show you how to engineer an unstoppable psychology for the future. With my unique principles and frameworks, you will be able to spark a heightened state of creativity in your organisation and learn powerful methods for navigating the rapid change that lies ahead.








The 2-DAY Schedule & Locations (below)







  • How to overcome the limitations to traditional physiotherapy practice
  • A new understanding of Musculoskeletal Health





Morning Tea break

Lunch break


  • GUEST PRESENTER | Erin Carmody | Business Building Psychologist | 'Openness is needed for success'
  • How to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life
  • GET TREATED | Nerve Gliding Practical






Afternoon Tea Break



  • GET TREATED | Whole Body Assessment
  • How to take the pressure off yourself to allow you to be at your best 
  • Next steps for how to get consistently outstanding results







Morning Tea Break


  • GUEST PRESENTER | Craig O'Sullivan | Professional Speaker Trainer | How to communicate with authority to clients and referrers
  • How to push the boundaries one step at a time to get better results and a better life for you, your team and for your clients
  • GET TREATED | Treatment Trials





Lunch break



  • GET TREATED | Whole Body Re-Assessment
  • Are you willing to apply yourself to get consistently outstanding results? 



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Examples of musculoskeletal health care when truly objective tests are used to show whether we could help, or not:



Preparation for the Free Physio Bootcamp | WHY RM?


Physiotherapists Feedback

Amanda Baker RMCP, Physiotherapist Hobsonville Physiotherapy, Auckland
  • "I take this different approach with clients now because it's the only way I can be confident that I can find the best intervention for each client.  The results sometimes amaze me as much as they amaze the client."

James Dooner RMCP, Physiotherapist, Baroona Physio, Brisbane

  • "I want to make the greatest impact on people's lives because I know this will have the greatest impact for my life and everyone around me.  I worked out I need to be open and search for the approach that will allow me to live this purpose. I search, and I found that approach.  Now I get to have the impact I always wanted every day!"

Cath Moore RMCP, Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist, Moore Health, Sydney

  • "I love to help people change their lives from their crippling state to a place of full function and pain free. The reward for me is the satisfaction to see such big improvements so quickly in all parts of their lives. I like the ease of following a step by step process that eliminates the stress of getting fast results.”

Dr. John Hsieh, DPT, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Multi-Award Winning Researcher, Hsieh Therapies, L.A., California

  • "I like to understand what clients really want... and learn what will help them the most.  When I understand the rest is simple.  And that's why I do it this way"




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