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 "I'm in it for the love of it, not for the money!"...

We've been looking around and we've noticed that the top earning private practitioners in Australia and New Zealand got that way by realising their higher-purpose and their clients' higher-purpose and seeing that RM Values help achieve this.

Did you know that RM is not focused on money? Not a single RM Value is about money. 

And yet, because of the high value and high fees the most common immediate reaction by practitioners is that RMers are focused on money... and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Honesty, openness, consistency, family, healthy activity, solving problems and connecting the dots are the values RMers live and work by.  This is what makes the clinical method so successful with clients.
It just happens to be that this type of living and work is worth a lot to RM clients and RM practitioners.

What does this look like in practice?

For example, RM NDTs are advanced techniques that help clients significantly more than other neural techniques. 

  • Honesty, openness, consistency involves using the latest neuroscience with thorough whole-body nerve tests & treatments, with accuracy and sensitivity
  • The immediate and dramatic results get clients and practitioners engaged in more healthy activity, and more important functional family time
  • Accurate & sensitive whole-body techniques solve problems more thoroughly and clients engage and participate to connect the dots  

Also, clients and practitioners trust how much more this is worth.

These values and the higher-purpose they achieve may not be a match for you... and that's okay. 

For practitioners who take the time to think about their life-purpose and match these values...   RM training is the help to get you there...

Isn't our current situation good enough?

Common challenges we face are put into perspective and allow us to see what we can do:


What happens when you implement RM Systems?

  • This South Australian practice doubled their team, doubled gross income with only 33% increase in client sessions
  • The owners work 50% less contact hours
  • Want to know how practices achieve this?... see the video below:


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Clinical Advantage


While many that have learned the Ridgway Method (RM) clinical problem solving process use terms such as "Revolutionary" and " The Future of Physiotherapy", it is important to focus on the benefits provided for each practitioner and each client.

The benefits to the client:

  1. We 'see' the body differently to solve the underlying cause
  2. A more thorough and holistic process, with less chance of the best solution being missed
  3. Results focused for best value

The benefits to the physiotherapist:

  • An exciting and refreshing approach to clinical work
  • Conditions are simplified for a more complete understanding
  • Confidence that the best solution has been found for the client
  • Higher value of service
  • Greater respect from clients as well as other professionals | Learn More »

RM on-line lectures and courses provide practical clinical systems that you can apply to your clients immediately.

More short videos of live-client RM results »

Business Advantage

In practice RM supports, and is supported by, an optimal fees and service structure:

  • High quality = high value
  • Ethical and altruistic business model for healthcare
  • Lower volume = higher income
  • Lowering the total costs to clients and the community
  • Increasing business owners and employee's incomes
  • Work less = earn more | On-Line seminar »

This fees and service structure is based on the published APA National Physiotherapy Service Descriptors.  RM on-line seminars and courses provide the specific details to apply optimal fees and service structures to any physiotherapy practice.

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Ridgway Method (RM) Explained

"We specialise in SOLVING Pain and Injury"

RM is a standardised, repeatable system that consistently gains immediate, dramatic and long lasting results for the vast majority of musculoskeletal conditions.

RM is a significantly different way of practising physiotherapy involving:
  • Lateral thinking
  • Objective Problem Solving
  • Evidence Based and Results Based practice with Every condition, Every visit
  • Tangible results that the client can Self-measure and Self-monitor
  • Treatment Direction Tests demonstrate a Primary Contributing Factor in Functional, REAL-TIME
  • A Treatment Based Classification; that quickly demonstrates the Best Treatment for each individual condition
  • For Acute, Chronic, Accumulative, and Traumatic onset conditions
  • The Primary Contributing Factor (PCF) is the Cause of a Diagnosis
  • Solve the PCF and Pain-Free Function is Rapidly Achieved
  • Encompasses any style of  treatment and modalities of musculoskeletal treatment that achieve dramatic results
  • Provides objective measures as the basis for injury prevention care
  • Consistently Produces Results that are Currently Believed Not Possible (as described by all practitioners that experience the Ridgway Method) | Learn More »

Physiotherapists of all experience & qualification levels apply this system, the day after the course, with the same results as above - and physiotherapists consistently report that this system is much easier to apply than conventional physiotherapy methods.

The Ridgway Method is a ground breaking, standardised process that is fast becoming many Australian practitioner's method of choice.

The neurophysiology is explained within a case study »

Physio's Feedback

  • I was blown away by this course – the content was superb and the presentation even better!  It’s very “do-able” and I know that my practice will benefit enormously from this.  Thank you Michael and the RM Team.” - Jenny Dutton, Successful Bathurst Practice Owner
  • “Having just completed the Ridgway Method (RM) three day course and spending time with Michael and the RM Team being mentored in RM, I am convinced this is the future of physiotherapy.  RM is revolutionary and as a private practitioner I find I get results quickly in a logical, problem solving and objective way. My treatments are now more efficient, more enjoyable and more smart. Michael and the RM Team are generous, enthusiastic and passionate physiotherapists who allow participants on their course to learn and develop all the skills ready to start straight away. Do not hesitate to attend a RM course and see the future of musculoskeletal physio and how to run a successful private practice. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.” - Cath Moore.  APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Successful Sydney Practice Owner
  • They should teach this at university.  The Ridgway Method course provides an effective and easy to implement alternative to physiotherapists suffering from the drain of patients not respecting their time or service.” - Andrew Logan, Bundaberg Physiotherapist
  • “If you already get 90-95% of clients better in no time then don’t do this course. Otherwise think about doing this course and opening up to the possibilities of fantastic results.” - Justin Moar, Successful Melbourne Practice Owner

  • “Prepare to think outside the box as the Ridgway Method helps you to have more job satisfaction and get more clients better more quickly.  I look forward to more physiotherapists learning about this method so we can improve the standard of our profession.  The Ridgway Method should be taught at university.” - Chi-Keung Lee, Brisbane Physiotherapist
  • “If you want a RESULTS based approach to physio that is consistent, replicable and ethical, then this is the course for you!” - Jonathan Moody.  Successful Sydney Practice Owner
  • “Enlightening, fantastic understanding developed of the process and principles for RM management of patients.  I am excited about the principles of RM in the clinic with my patients Monday and am sure they will be as excited by the results as I have been over the weekend.
    • Feel that it will provide a fantastic framework and basis for juniors through to senior physio staff.
    • Highly Valued!”   Mark Halligan.  Successful Melbourne Practice Owner
  • “The Ridgway Method is both revolutionary and mind bending.  In the first week of using the method I have completely changed my clinical practice to achieve immediate results with my patients I didn’t think possible.  I am now excited about the future of physiotherapy and encourage all to get involved.” - Nick Schuster, Brisbane Physiotherapist

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